The Stage6 Italian Open Cup has been created back in 2007 and has taken places the first time in 2008. The business management of Ricambio Rapido has noticed immediately that the Italian Scooter Racing Scene was coined by several years of mono-brand cups. This reality has brought scooter racing in Italy almost to it’s extinction.

Supported by Stage6, Ricambio Rapido has thought of giving a twist to this situation, introducing the Stage6 Italian Open Cup. The Stage6 Italian Open Cup is a championship which does not obligate the riders to use a certain brand of products, giving them the possibility to choose their setup with regard of their beliefs and most of all, their wallet.

With a wide choice of classes, Ricambio Rapido has once more marqued the Italian Scooter Racing scene, introducing among others, a class specifically thought for riders at their first steps.

The classes are:

  • Italian Open Rookie Street 70cc
  • Italian Open Rookie 70cc & 100cc
  • Italian Open Amatori 70cc
  • Italian Open Expert 70cc
  • Italian Open Scooter GP 100cc

In this 5 classes, we find a average of 80 riders per race, with a maximum peak of 100 and over 200 participators at the annual Stage6 Italian Open Day. Ricambio Rapido itself, partecipates with the „Stage6 Italy“ Team at these races, using the championship as platform for testing new products and evolutions of Stage6 and R&D. By doing so, Ricambio Rapido stays in close relationship with users and collects precious input and experiences directly from it’s customers. A irreplaceable fountain of know how.