It was back in 2005. Normally, a business needs a certain period of time to reach a significant position in it’s market. Ricambio Rapido was able to burn the stages, stationing as one of the leading wholesale spare part companies in Italy in such a small amount of time.

The knowledge the founders of Ricambio Rapido brought with them together with a unique way of leading the company, have made this business so successful. In 2011, with more than 1.500 customers, Ricambio Rapido is leaving it’s old home, moving to a new building which meets the requirements and expectations of a Ricambio Rapido grown under every point of view.

Ricambio Rapido SRL - Via I Maggio n.4 - 25050 Ome (BS)
 Telefono +39-030-652532 - Fax +39-030-6852124 - P.Iva 02619690981

E-Mail: Info@ricambio-rapido.it