WORKSHOP R&D - Tel. 030 652532

Since 2008, Ricambio Rapido calls a workshop his own, dedicated to tuning and maintenance of racing engines. With many victories in international competitions, the workshop of Ricambio Rapido is accessible either for commercial and private customers. The experience gained in 4 years of racing and technicians with over 15 years of experience in this sector, have lead to the approval as the Stage6 Italy R&D department and the foundation of the Italian Stage6 Team which, since 2008, defends the title "Italian Open Expert 70cc".

The workshop offers the following services:

  • Tuning / Maintenance scooter / dragster (with dyno screen-print)
  • Tuning / Maintenance engines (with dyno screen-print)
  • Tuning / Maintenance suspensions
  • Tuning of cylinder kits, engine cases, carburettors, reedvalves etc.
  • Coating & honing of worn out cylinders
  • Turning, milling and sandblasting
  • Construction of prototypes
  • Dynoruns

Strong from the cooperation with professional riders like Alessandro Blando, Diego Calonaci and Mauro Montagna, Ricambio Rapido has created his own brand called R&D (Research & Development) presenting some of the finest racing parts available out there. These products, represent the latest evolutions developed by the Italian racing department and get produced only after numerous and severe testing sessions. The production of these products, is subordinate to a high standard quality control. Only this way, R&D is able to guarantee the same performances for each single product of the R&D series.